SINOG Charter (English version)

SINOG charter

Purpose and objectives

  • The purpose and goals of SINOG are to increase the quality, efficiency, stability and security of Slovenian networks and network services.
  • SINOG actively encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge and good practice among network experts in Slovenia.
  • SINOG is a forum for technical discussion. Political, legal and economic issues are addressed only if they influence the technical aspects of the operation of Slovenian networks and the Internet.


  • SINOG is intended for individuals who express a professional interest in the field of public communications networks and are willing to actively participate, mediate or accumulate knowledge and exchange it in the Internet community.
  • An individual becomes a member of SINOG by completing his / her accession statement. When enrolled, the member is briefly presented on the SINOG correspondence list.
  • Membership in SINOG ceases if a member issues an exit statement, does not extend membership within two years, or is dismissed by the board of directors on the basis of inactivity, established mistrust, unethical behavior or misuse of sensitive information.
  • Possible disputes, complaints or unethical behavior of members shall be dealt with by the Management Board.

Activities and operation

  • The SINOG uses the following information to inform members and the public:
    • Websites;
    • correspondence lists (general and by individual working groups).
  • The operation of SINOG is carried out in working groups. General topics are dealt with in the open and public plenary list or public meetings of the SINOG community, and for more specific areas SINOG members are formed by narrower working groups.
  • SINOG organizes at least one meeting per year.
  • SINOG promotes open standards, generally accepted ideas, recommendations and documents of good practice, supported by the wider Internet community.
  • SINOG works and cooperates with other NOG groups.
  • The SINOG correspondence list may not be used to advertise commercial activities or products.

Organizational structure

  • SINOG has a board of directors, a program council and working groups.
  • Administrative, financial and organizational functions within the available financial resources obtained from SINOG sponsors are provided by Go6 Institute.
  • The Steering Committee and the President are at the forefront of the responsibility for the operation and direction of the SINOG and they are responsible for informing members and the public about the operation of the SINOG in a transparent manner. SINOG Board of Directors consists of up to eight active members of the SINOG community, but they must be from unrelated organizations. The SINOG Board of Directors quorum is reached with at least half of the votes. One of the members of the SINOG Board of Directors is a representative of the Go6 Institute, which provides SINOG with administrative, financial and organizational functions and support.
    The members of the SINOG Board of Directors are proposed and voted by the SINOG community at an annual meeting or in another appropriate transparent manner. The members of the board of directors elect a president among themselves. Elections to the Management Board take place every two years.
  • The Program Council designs professional meetings programs.
    The Program Council is proposed by members of the SINOG community and approved by the SINOG Board of Directors. Elections to the Program Council take place every two years.
  • Technical activities of SINOG are carried out in working groups, which every six months submit a report to the Management Board on their activities, and the results of their work are publicly presented to the SINOG community. Working groups are generally open-minded, except in cases where sensitive information is dealt with, the disclosure of which may have negative consequences for the security of networks or services.
    The working groups are proposed and set up by the SINOG Board of Directors on their own initiative or on the basis of proposals from members of the SINOG community. The members of each working group shall choose among themselves a leader who is responsible for the operation and direction of the working group. The SINOG Board of Directors may dissolve an inactive workgroup.


SINOG acquires funds for its operation through sponsors, donations and fees for conferences, education and meetings.

Ljubljana, 9.12.2013