SINOG 4.0 (English)

Slovenian technical Internet community meeting on Internet technologies.

Where: Tehnološki park Ljubljana, lokacija Brdo, Tehnološki park 19 (Google Maps)
Organizators: SINOG, Zavod go6, LTFE in Arnes
When: 23. in 24. May 2017
Participation fee: free for everyone (in the case of congestion sponsors and members of the Institute go6 and members of SINOG have priority for participation).
Limiting the number of participants: 150 (priority is given to sponsors and members of the Institute Go6 and members of SINOG).
Number of participants at previous meetings: Well over 100 technical experts from community per day.
Type of participants at the meeting: leading technical experts, managers and decision makers from a number of Slovenian companies (operators, equipment manufacturers, system integrators and others).

The Slovenian Operator Forum SINOG (Network Operators Group) was established in the autumn of 2013 under the auspices of the Institute go6 and combines network experts in various fields. SINOG was established with the aim to enhance the quality, performance, stability and security of Slovenian networks and network services, and actively encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices among network professionals in Slovenia and beyond.

Slovenian IPv6 Summit was until recently the central event in Slovenian and the wider regional area, intended to monitor the progress, achievements and exchange of good practices in the transition to IPv6 and deployment to business environments and organizations.

Past “SLO IPv6 Summit” events received great interest of the professional sphere, as evidenced by numerous commendations and participants. This year we decided to join both meetings under just one name – SINOG 4.0 and we’ll carry on with unified branding also in the future. First day will still be more IPv6 oriented and second day with more generic network operations topics and presentations.

About the programme (shortly):
Compliments, visible efficiency and remarkable response to the previous IPv6 Summits and SINOG meetings have given us the confirmation that it is necessary to continue with such events. We are pleased to be able to once again announce the wider international lecturing band. Their knowledge and experience in the field of IPv6 and operational topics will present the experts of world’s leading companies and organizations, such as Cisco – Ole Trøan, RIPE NCC – Nathalie Trenaman, ipSpace – Ivan Pepelnjak , NTT – Job Snijders, Ericsson – Ari Keranen (TBC) …

This year’s first day keynote speaker will be Ole Trøan. Ole is a 19 year cisco veteran. Currently based in Norway, he is working on an open source software router implementation called VPP. He is focuses on IPv6 architecture, standardization and deployment. He is active in the IETF as the 6man co+chair. He has authored a number of RFCs on IPv6. Previously he led cisco’s Japan Development Centre in Tokyo and prior to that he worked in the UK as a software engineer where Ole worked on all aspects of cisco’s IOS IPv6 implementation.